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At Kofax, we get to experience many exciting and rewarding opportunities. That comes with working in the dynamic software industry. But there is no greater reward than helping people.

I’m very privileged to work for a company that’s dedicated to giving back to the communities in which it conducts its business. Kofax supports multiple worldwide charities with annual donations and employee-matching donations. One of the charities that we’ve adopted is Habitat for Humanity. With more than 800,000 homes built or repaired, and more than four million people served worldwide, Habitat is a true community-building organization.

A Day of Service with Habitat for Humanity
Just this month, a team of 25 passionate volunteers from our Irvine headquarters spent the day painting new homes with Habitat for five special families. When we first announced this opportunity to employees, the response was so overwhelming that we had more volunteers than open spots on the team! Once onsite, the group was quickly trained by Habitat supervisors—down to properly stirring the paint. No special skills were required, just a genuine desire to help.

Habitat OC's Facebook Post
The Kofax team worked diligently throughout the day, from setup to cleanup. They even had a friendly competition to see which crews could paint the most rooms, but the real focus was preparing quality homes so that deserving families could move in. “I worked in homebuilding for ten years, and Habitat’s level of pride and workmanship is outstanding,” reported Kofax volunteer, Jennifer Dewald.

The Privilege of Making a Difference
The Habitat folks also shed light on the change in living conditions that each family will experience as a result of this effort. The families that will occupy these homes typically come from a tiny 10’x10’ living space. Supervisors described how every region, even places like Orange County, known for affluence, is filled with people in need (Locally, they call them “Lost OC”). It was a real eye-opener for the team and added even deeper meaning to the day.

Lastly, a powerful and positive byproduct of serving the community together is building new relationships with our coworkers. We see each other walking the Kofax halls, but sometimes it takes a teambuilding event like this one to really get to know someone. “It was great to see the depth and passion in fellow employees; everyone had a smile on their face as they made a difference,” said Ajá Clarke.


Our employees are already talking about the next opportunity to serve those less fortunate, both within planned Kofax events and on their own. I’m proud to work at Kofax and even more proud of our compassionate workforce. I look forward to developing our charitable efforts even further, and encourage everyone as fortunate as we are to give more and make a difference in the lives of others.

After all, there is much more work to be done.

What community work inspires you? How have you or your organization supported the local community? Share your experiences below.

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity at Habitat.org. You may also view more photos on our Facebook page.

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