Today is an important milestone in our mission to make Big Data more available and consumable for business users. The shortage of data scientist skills is expected to grow requiring a different approach to turning Big Data into business value. An approach that puts the power of data into the hands of the knowledge workers in Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales – in a secure, agile and scalable way.KappZone

With this objective in mind, we are launching today the new version of our Big Data Integration platform, designed to enable companies of all sizes to build the information supply-chain by integrating critical data from disparate sources and delivering actionable insights to decision-makers across the organization.

Among the key highlights of the new release is the ability to distribute data through easily consumable applications called Kapow Kapplets™ available for discovery and consumption based on roles within the organization via an enterprise library offering called Kapow KappZone™. KappZone offers a modern and intuitive user experience for business decision makers. Users can select relevant Kapplets that deliver data required for their jobs and install them in their private workspace called My KappZone, where they can manage and run their Kapplets on-demand.

Data today needs to be integrated from a wide variety of sources, from behind the firewall applications to external websites, social sites and partner applications. We’ve enhanced Kapplets so they can be composed to run multiple workflows in parallel for faster delivery of Big Data. We’ve also enhanced the ability to personalize Kapplets, enabling users to set default input parameters and schedule Kapplets to run so that timely information is delivered to the right employees at the right time for business agility.

Data also comes in various formats from more structured to unstructured and hard to mine data sets. We continue to enhance and expand our data acquisition capabilities to support the widest selection of Big Data types, leveraging our patent-pending Synthetic API technology for bi-directional, read and write functionality.

There are numerous ways that global business leaders can harness the power of the new Kapow Enterprise 9.2 Big Data Integration Platform. For example monitoring competitor pricing, increasing marketing ROI or generating more sales leads. The powerful, enterprise-grade software platform is now available for subscription.

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