feature-front-office-automationWhen it comes to document capture, the front office is a place where transactions are initiated at the point of origination using devices like multifunction peripherals (MFPs), smartphones, tablets and network scanners. As MFP scanning has grown in popularity over the past 12 years, many enterprises are seeing more and more potential for technology that extends business processes to customer-facing employees, thereby empowering users with simple, yet secure capture-in-process capabilities.

So far, enterprises have experimented with the convenient capabilities offered by MFP scan applications, allowing them to reduce the use of copying, faxing and courier services. As requirements for distributed scanning increase to more effectively address issues related to document security, compliance, and data quality, enterprises are recognizing the need for a far more capable solution.

In a growing number of cases, when enterprise employees scan a document, that scan job is driven by the need to make a decision with the information contained within the document. Document classification, data extraction and validation are the critical tools required to effectively and accurately process that data for use in an efficient manner.

Nearly all MFP scanning applications rely on manual user intervention to classify documents as well as extract and validate the data. Relying on manual data entry and value selections from drop down lists, traditional MFP scanning applications greatly increase the likelihood that documents will be misfiled, data will be entered incorrectly or other critical information will be omitted.

Enterprise capture solutions solve this problem with “fire-and-forget” workflows that leverage Touchless Processing™ technologies. For most vendors, these capabilities are not accessible from general purpose scanning platforms like MFPs, leaving front office workers to fend for themselves on LCD soft keyboards.

If we summarize all the requirements for effectively automating document and data extraction at the front office, a high-level list would include:

  • Robust, convenient scan-to-file, -email and -repository capability
  • A single, secure chain of custody from the point of origination to final export destination
  • Seamless integration with enterprise capture rules and workflow processes that guide all document handling
  • “Fire-and-forget” document classification, separation, data extraction and validation

That’s a deep list. At Kofax, we call that list Kofax Front Office Server 4.0, the first all-in-one solution for front office capture automation.

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