Mobile technology has given rise to a new era, one where mobility has become the platform of choice for consumer and businesses alike. From a hotel room in a sunny beach or the backseat of an Uber, the office of today can wherever you want it to be. In particular, the growth of smart devices and the emergence of adaptable mobile platforms have encouraged businesses to prioritise mobile to improve the customer experience.How Mobile Capture Gives Your Business the Competitive Edge

Businesses who choose not to adapt to these new platforms are under threat, from those that will. In a world where time is money, why wait weeks for a loan to be approved when, with mobile technology, the decision could be made in seconds? Why visit a branch to deposit a cheque when you could complete the whole transaction from your mobile? As customer expectations continue to grow businesses need to keep pace with this new demand.

So what exactly can you expect from a smart mobile capture solution?


Smart captures ensure a highly accurate processing of customers’ documents from paper and electronic sources simply with the tap of a button – or rather the touch of a screen. With smart capture, customers get more value from their smartphone by eliminating the need to input information manually.


Mobile devices can simplify tasks, such as signing documents, which would be time-consuming and frustrating on traditional desktops, furthermore, they can facilitate new approaches to mobile banking. Mobile is a different experience and provides businesses with the arena to develop innovative user experiences that leverage the key attributes of a smartphone – the ability to capture and process from any location among them.


Just by snapping a picture using a phone’s camera, smart intelligent capture enables users to save valuable time. So whether proving their identity or depositing a cheque, data entry is no longer the tedious manual process it once was. By streamlining and automating the data input part of the onboarding process, enterprises can begin to turn their attention to other core business areas in need of attention.

The rise of mobile technology continues to present both opportunities to business as we move further into the 21st century. Businesses are increasingly recognising the need to transform the way they serve customers in the face of increased competition. As customers increasingly expect to be able to do everything on the go, smart capture is key to ensuring that businesses do not get left behind in the 21st century. So how exactly is your business leveraging mobile technology?

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