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This week, Lexmark is in Orlando for SAP SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference, excited to feature end-to-end Financial Process Automation for SAP solutions. Now that ReadSoft, Kofax and Perceptive Software are combined to form Lexmark Enterprise Software, SAP customers have one partner for simplified financial processing.

We’ll be updating the blog for the whole conference so check back often to see what’s going on. If you’re in Orlando, stop by and see us at booth #670.

Thursday, 3:00 pm

With so much talk of “Digital Transformation” these days, it seems that everyone has their own definition. It was interesting to sit through a SAPPHIRE NOW presentation this afternoon (“Explore the Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Financial Services”) and hear the three panel members each describe what the digital transformation means to their organization.

For some, the internet, mobile devices, social media and more have transformed customers from being seen as numbers in their system into individuals who have more options than ever of places to take their business. For others, digital transformation enables large companies to exist like never before by connecting people and systems around the world and speeding processes through automation. Or, perhaps technology advances are simply making life more convenient for both internal customers and external customers who can now do business anywhere at any time.

Whatever definition or benefit you agree with, digital transformation seems to be at the top of most corporate strategies because it allows your business to move quickly and be where your customers need you, when they need you. See how Lexmark Enterprise Software can help power your digital transformation and leverage your existing technology investments for end-to-end financial processing.

Thursday, 12:15 pm

It’s been a great week at SAPPHIRE NOW, and it isn’t over yet! We continue to have amazing discussions around financial processing within SAP and demonstrations of innovative intelligent capture technology at Booth 670. There’s still time to stop by and see us!


Thursday, 10:45 am

Who benefits from sales order automation? The answer might surprise you:

Thursday, 10:00 am

Why are we so focused on end-to-end Financial Process Automation at SAPPHIRE NOW?

That’s easy! Automation delivers huge value beyond just invoice processing. From purchase-to-pay to order-to-cash, and record-to-report – automation platforms create opportunities to streamline more than just one component of the business chain. Because ERPs are not equipped to handle the complex activities that happen today, document process automation can fill the gaps and help you get more form your ERP investment.

Lexmark partnered with The Hackett Group in a recent webinar that discussed the many ways automation is helping organizations overcome challenges in the financial supply chain. After you watch the webinar, stop by booth 670 to see our Financial Process Automation solutions for SAP in action.

Wednesday, 4:30 pm

Think you’ve optimized all of your financial processes? Think again! Sheila explains why you should never stop automating.

Wednesday, 2:15 pm

With so many invoicing methods from so many vendors, determining the best and most cost-effective method can be difficult. Today, Wes Keller, Product Marketing Manager from Lexmark spent some time reviewing a variety of invoice methods helping session attendees calculate the right mix to drive the lowest total cost of ownership.

Using Lexmark’s invoicing strategies by commodity as an example, Wes explained the importance of an invoicing strategy that makes sense for both your organization and your suppliers. As it turns out, it’s not one size fits all but the right mix is key to minimizing cost over the invoice life cycle.

What mix of invoicing is right for you?


Wednesday, 12:00 pm

What’s your AP Automation plan?

Allianz Asset Management used AP automation to dramatically reduce invoice approval times, increase staff productivity and gain visibility into their processes. Today at SAPPHIRE NOW, Linda Johnson shared how they went from a completely manual AP process to automated and streamlined processing integrated with SAP. With a decision matrix of 12 priorities, including PO behavior in SAP, user-friendly GUI and more, Allianz found ReadSoft AP automation solution from Lexmark Enterprise Software to be the best fit. After implementation, Allianz found that end users were much happier. Allianz has big plans for the future, including mobile approvals, implementing AP automation in more offices and a vendor discount campaign.


Wednesday, 11:00 am

Extend automation beyond invoice processing

The same advanced Intelligent Capture technology that automates data extraction from invoices and sends it to Process Director and SAP can be used to streamline processes that depend on orders, remittances, bills of lading and other transaction documents.

It’s no wonder Process Director and Perceptive Intelligent Capture are Better Together. If you’re at SAPPHIRE NOW, come by for a demonstration!

Wednesday, 10:00 am

What’s happening at the Lexmark Enterprise Software booth? Margaux fills us in:

Tuesday, 4:00 pm

What would you like to see? Demos happening now in the Lexmark Enterprise Software booth!

Check out Process Director – get the most productivity and value from your SAP investment while increasing process transparency and reducing errors by automating process chains like purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash.


Tuesday, 12:00 pm

Winning with SAP-certified AP automation workflow and supplier portal

OSRAM SYLVANIA, a leader in lighting solutions and services, processes 250,000 invoices annually with e-invoices accounting for 50,000 of that total. When it came time to upgrade its automated invoice processing application, a supplier portal was a “must have.” After a seamless transition to ReadSoft AP automation workflow application and cloud-based supplier invoice portal, OSRAM SYLVANIA has improved relations with suppliers and freed AP staff to spend more time on high-value responsibilities. Read their story, then visit us at booth 670 at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW to learn how you can streamline e-invoice processing, too.

Tuesday, 10:30 am

We’re exploring end-to-end Financial Process Automation at booth 670. Stop by to learn how ReadSoft, Kofax and Perceptive Software have come together as Lexmark Enterprise Software- one partner for simplified financial processing within your SAP solutions. We’ll be doing demonstrations all day.

Plus, we’re giving away Bose Headphones!

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Tuesday, 9:00 am

SAP CEO Bill McDermott kicked off SAPPHIRENOW 2016 this morning energizing the crowd with the promise of The Ultimate SAPPHIRE 2016! With a focus on “keeping it real” with attendees, he discussed what an honor it is to serve SAP customers who run 39 trillion in global commerce through their systems. After all 76% of the world’s transactions run through SAP.

Bill reminded us that in today’s economy, the end customer determines whether we win or lose. “Everything has to start with an empathy for the end-user and what they get from your company,” he said. Design, thinking and innovation are the way forward.

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