Potential insurance policyholders will put your onboarding processes to the test, and it’s not uncommon for organizations to feel less than confident about their ability to make the grade.

Insurance organizations: It’s too hard to keep up with customer demands and regulations. Policyholders expect different things, and the rules and regulations are always changing. How can we keep up?
Potential policyholders: It’s too hard to get an insurance quote or apply for a policy. You don’t actually expect me to drive into your office, do you? I don’t have time for that. Don’t you have a mobile app?

And often, even when you think you have the right answers, the questions can change.

Fortunately, there are ways to make becoming your customer an easy, intuitive and hassle-free experience – AND drive better efficiency, control and visibility over your internal processes.

Here are a few of the basics to keep in mind:

Say NO to Constraints

Say YES to Choice

It’s no secret that your customers expect to engage with your business on their schedule and through the channel of their choice, which is increasingly mobile. There are apps for transferring money, ordering airline tickets and tracking a package. Why shouldn’t they be able to apply for insurance using their smartphone?

Mobile capture technology is a powerful tool that helps deliver the choice your customers demand.  It turns the mobile device in the palm of their hand into a scanner: your customers can scan information from a bill or declarations page for a competitive insurance quote, upload identification and other documents in support of an application – and even take a selfie for additional authentication. They can also take advantage of self-service account options on their schedule (bonus point: this also provides operational cost savings in your business) and enjoy quick feedback and transparency throughout the process.

Remember that true choice-of-channel means your customers should also have the ability to apply for a policy via the web, walk-in, email or postal mail. But put the decision in your customer’s hand – not yours.

Say NO to Duplication

Say YES to Automation

Although many of your customers may kick-off a new account application on their mobile phone, some may want to finish the application later on a different channel, such as a tablet or laptop. One of the fastest ways to lose a customer to the competition is to force the customer to re-enter the same information repeatedly if they pause an application or opt to switch to a different channel.

By automating your onboarding process, you can capture an applicant’s information once, populate it to all channels and update it in real time. The data will be consistent across all channels, unlike error-prone manual processes that often have inconsistencies between information housed in different organizational silos.

Onboarding automation also offers greater protection for your operations. Fewer errors and greater data accuracy helps your business comply with regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and to avoid the risk of fines and delays that lead to customer dissatisfaction and damage to your organization‘s reputation.

Say NO to Paper

Say YES to Digital

 Paper-based processes are inherently slow. Digital processes not only deliver speed, but also a level of visibility that simply isn’t possible when dealing with paper. Policy applicants can check their status at any time on their mobile device or laptop, and through greater data accuracy and depth, your employees will have greater insight and monitoring capabilities. Digitizing processes also gives you the ability to guide agents, customer service representatives and self-service customers through offers that are relevant to their specific needs and goals, helping you close more business.

Speaking of closing the deal: Don’t forget about electronic signature capabilities on mobile devices and tablets. All of the hard work you’ve done to deliver a digital, engaging experience could be for nothing if you require your customers to visit a branch office to give a wet signature.

Find out if your onboarding experience makes the grade. Take the interactive onboarding quiz now.


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