Kofax Transform 2015 conference ignites an audience of over 700 attendees.01Kofax_GuyKawasaki_030915_ImageThink-for-blog Our yearly international conference provides an opportunity to learn about latest in technology, particularly addressing the shift in business today around customer engagement. It’s technology that not only determines whether your business thrives but survives.

Guy Kawasaki, chief Evangelist of Canva, opened the conference with his keynote address on the Art of Enchantment. Guy shared his insights on how great technology can drive customer enchantment.  Watch Guy’s 10 keys to customer enchantment here.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, graphic recording artists transformed several sessions on customer engagement into graphical representations, courtesy of ImageThink. Enjoy the visual journey here.

The best part of Transform 2015 was of course, customers. We had the opportunity to hear first-hand from some of Kofax’s most innovative customers and find out how they incorporate technology to transform customer engagement. From financial services, government, legal including other technology leaders from Xerox, Fujitsu and Canon. Click here to watch customer videos.

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