Mobile Invoie 300 x 168It’s no secret that mobile devices are the fastest growing category of computers. iPhones, Androids, smartphones and tablets are on the streets, in the office, on beaches, everywhere. They’ve become the computing device of choice for many, and in particular for on-the-go hard-chargers. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps, most of them focused on entertainment.

So why aren’t enterprise software apps like accounts payable leveraging mobile devices? The answer lies in the fact that they were built for a different environment – networked PCs and servers. Integration requires development of the software to integrate them, but it also requires re-thinking some fundamental principles.

While a few early integrations extended some accounts payable apps via a browser or email, they didn’t address security requirements. Something as simple as leaving your iPad on your desk while you get a cup of coffee invites one of the most common instances of corporate fraud: an unauthorized individual could pick up your iPad and approve a fraudulent invoice in a matter of seconds.

But what about using the mobile device to capture images of documents, such as invoices, receipts and related information? Capturing images via the mobile device will speed processing and reduce errors – a great thing for sure – but security requirements can’t be overlooked and image quality must be enhanced.

In terms of maintaining document security within the enterprise, capture applications need to provide secure chain of custody and ensure that the information is only available to process participants. As for quality, let me ask you a question: have you ever captured an image of a document with a mobile device? Quality typically suffers from poor image registration, poor lighting, and irregularities (such as folds or stains in the document). These quality issues will undoubtedly impact the automated capture and data extraction process by slowing it down and potentially resulting in data entry errors, lost revenue or annoyed suppliers.

However, that has now all changed. Kofax MarkView extends true mobility to accounts payable automation and, just as exciting, Kofax Mobile Capture is now fully integrated with Kofax MarkView. Suppliers and employees can now use the cameras embedded in their mobile devices to capture an invoice, receipt or other document while our patented Kofax VRS technology perfects the document image, including registration, contrast, lighting and other enhancements.

As for security, Kofax Mobile Capture is integrated with Kofax Capture software that provides secure chain of custody, ensuring the privacy of invoice information. Kofax MarkView securely extends the discrepancy review and approval process to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Users are required to sign on to MarkView which conforms with enterprise security standards. All associated information, including an image of the original invoice and ERP data, can be accessed on the mobile device. All appropriate functions are available, including “approve”, “reject”, “return to supplier” and others.

The mobile device is truly an extension of Kofax MarkView, providing enterprises with a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for accounts payable automation. The result is faster invoice approvals, increased on-time payments, happier suppliers and improved internal controls.

Please join me in welcoming mobility to AP Automation!

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